On August 28 2021 Ethopian Art Conservation Program was inaugurated with a joyful gala dinner. It was the first introduction of the program to the general public and was inaugurated by Ethiopian Ambassador H.E. Hirut Zemene and her colleague Mr. Birhanu. The Belgian-Ethiopian meeting was a great celebration of the foundation of the future of EACP and its many contributors. Together with Bruno Claessens ("Duende Art Protjects"), this meeting raised 27 thousand Euros to formalize the creation of the Ethiopian Art Conservation Program association. Today, the Board of Directors has 3 employees and 9 councillors at its disposal. They will manage the further operation of the program. This event was made possible by the generous contribution by Toneelhuis at Bourla in Antwerp (Belgium) under the guiding eye of sir Johan Swinnen (president) and leading, business director Ms. Maud Van de Velde.