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The Ethiopian Art Conservation Program represents an inclusive organization that is purposefully engaged in cultural policy in Ethiopia. As it has been branded as The Land of origins, it is not questionable that Ethiopia has plentiful artistic, cultural, historical and antique tourism resources. Protecting culture guarantees sustainable collaborations in an international community committed to the preservation and management of ancient traditions, artifacts and history. By institutionalizing care for culture, we help improve working conditions in Ethiopia's cultural sector. We strive for sustainable tourism where sharing and handling of information follows the Ethiopian deontology. With attention and respect to the diversity in people, religions and history.



The mission of the Ethiopian Art Conservation Program is conserving and preserving the Ethiopian art and culture. The project is designed to deliver professional art conservators and restorers through an educative program resulting in the development of human resources in the art and cultural industries. This to protect the indigenous and contemporary artistic resources of Ethiopia.

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